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The Beertelligence Podcast

From Shanghai China to Silicon Valley, The Beertelligence Podcast is where smart people in tech, design, product & entrepreneurship discuss breakthrough ideas and tactics over beers.

Hosted by Brandon Owens (introverted product guy) & Momo Estrella (extroverted design guy), two friends who met in Shanghai and started hosting small-group networking events called Beertelligence.

"Best advice I've ever gotten is to write down a list of what you're afraid of. Then rip the paper in half." Greg grew up... Full Episode

"I knew it was an empty threat. First of all, it's cross borders, how are you going to sue me? You don't even know who I am."  Full Episode

"I gain through those super stressful moments, like in a restaurant, rush hour, delivering everything, I love it."  Full Episode

"Philosophy facilitates a good environment for technology to do it's job" Azure Yang is a mix of UX designer and Chinese... Full Episode

"Nobody should know how runners run more than Nike's running team. Why would we hire someone for that, that has to be us"  Full Episode

"Hustle all the time if you want to build something for yourself" Jan Smejkal currently works for Startup Grind as... Full Episode

“This was all without sponsors, without pay… we went to events, they sucked, so we wanted to make a better one”  Full Episode

“He bought & sold it for $2million. And I thought, that's so stupid, I could do that.” Ryan Shuken... Full Episode

"Managing people is still an enigma for me" Ronan is founder and CEO of a successful app-development agency in Shanghai... Full Episode

"We were scared, like the jobs that we had, made us scared for our futures." Teng Bao is cofounder and Chief Product Officer... Full Episode

"When something is happening top down, you think about their reactions from bottom up. And then you're able to find the right strategy right in between."  Full Episode

"After 10 years, some investors joked you should have IPO'd or died by now." Kevin Chen is co-founder and CEO of, a... Full Episode

"I would have been a better manager, better leader & better friend had I known the difference between compassion and empathy."  Full Episode

"In China, everything is possible but nothing is easy." Emily Chang talks with us shortly after she joined Starbucks as... Full Episode

"WeChat is like the operating system for your life in China" Matthew Brennan has been in China for 13 years, working... Full Episode

"Why Finance?" "Basically because I was a shitty engineer" Rui worked 4 years as the Partner for Greater China at an early... Full Episode

"Working in a Chinese startup is another way to read the culture." Florian (富天宇) is Head of International... Full Episode

"Good data work has nothing to do with technical skill" David Lennie is currently SVP of Data & Analytics at Shopify, a... Full Episode

"I like bullshittin... Some might say I'm quite skilled at it." Dan Shumow is a Senior Software Development... Full Episode

"We wrestle bears, that's what we do in our country." Marius is a 20-year veteran of the Shanghai Food &... Full Episode

"Fuck this podcast, order me McDonalds, I'm on my way to meet with HR." Ben Whitter aka Mr Employee Experience™, is... Full Episode

"No one believed that a white (non-Chinese) girl wrote it" Elyse, a self-proclaimed language nerd, has a very eclectic... Full Episode

"My name is Siddarthhabbilizcaoadelapena, can you repeat that?" Sidd grew up in London & Spain and has been in... Full Episode

"You know what God Mode is on video games? I'm gonna do that shit in real life" Dabo Chen is founder of Shanghai-based  Full Episode