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“You know what God Mode is on video games? I’m gonna do that shit in real life”

Dabo Chen is founder of Shanghai-based Langzou Technologies. They develop tech & software for volumetric video capture for VR/AR with an early focus on the education industry.

Dabo had previously cofounded 2 other companies in London – 1 to help fitness trainers sell classes and another to utilize ambient sound analysis using machine learning replace other home sensors.

After London, Dabo relocated to Shenzhen & then Shanghai where he got funding and recruited a team. His company recently finished up the ViveX HTC Accelerator.

His company is currently working on an education tool so that teachers can create their own VR lessons as easily as if they were creating powerpoint. Then he hopes that the tens of millions of teachers in China could be converted into VR producers, using his tools to put themselves into those VR environments easily.

In the podcast, we discuss…
+ AR / VR business challenges
+ 3D cameras
+ VR in education
+ Managing computer vision, cloud computing, front end & more tech collisions
+ “Shenzhen speed” quick manufacturing in China
+ Are we all just living in a high quality “unity” 3d engine?
+ Using he uses visualization to solve math problems
+ How low tolerance can drive success

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Mentioned in the podcast:
Langzou Company Website & Demo:
ViveX HTC accelerator:
Project VoCo Adobe demo VoCo to impersonate anyone’s voice:

Music: www.bensound.com

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