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Frequently Asked Questions


what is beertelligence?

we host small beer nights, 10-15 people usually, and rely heavily on referrals for invitations.

the goal is to share what we're working on, what we're interested in and what we need help with. it could be help with product, design, tech, hiring, finding jobs or just help with making connections.

what is an event like?

the general format is that we have beers and food for about an hour around a large table. then we go around and introduce ourselves, talk about what we're working on and what we're interested in.

then people say what they can help other people with and what they would like help with or other people that they'd like to meet etc. after the introductions, people tend to move around and talk more directly with each other based on what they heard.

the goal is to get to know people well enough to later help each other. we usually start around 7:30 pm and end around 11:00 pm.

there are already tons of networking events - why beertelligence?

typical networking events like a wide open party, after work, are absolute hell for introverts and usually it's a lot of 5 minute conversations that never go anywhere.

we think it's more useful to make real connections with smart, interesting people. so our format is smaller, more structured and you actually get to know people well enough to help them or vice-versa.

does it cost anything?

not really - we sometimes ask for small (optional) donations to cover our costs (~50-100RMB). but no formal charge for the event itself, just pay what you drink or eat personally. we make no profits - just gain connections to smart people.

who will i meet?

a mix of foreigners and locals who work in digital in Shanghai - designers, product, tech, developers, entrepreneurs, investors.

so far we have connected over 500 professionals, the results of which have been one new business as co-founders who met at the event, various partnerships, new digital products, great app ideas, funding advice, legal consulting, marketing assessment, etc.

who should attend?

anyone who wants a better, smarter network. anyone who is doing interesting things - startup, small company, big company, side projects, no problem. and liking beer helps.


who should not attend?

people selling something. boring people. selfish people. "takers" who don't like helping others. people who think beer is bad.

who started beertelligence?

two friends working in digital in Shanghai with different expertise who wanted to do more networking but in a sustainable & valuable way that also helps the people we meet. you know, karma, pay it forward etc.

• Brandon Owens - Product - Introvert who hates networking
• Mauricio (Momo) Estrella - Design - Extrovert who loves beer

do you do other kinds of events?

yep - we mostly do evening beers or wine and the occasional brunch or weekend event. we always try to make sure our events are introvert-friendly with introductions and useful for those in digital.

we're looking to expand to add a yearly innovation / new tech focused event. stay tuned.

what if i don't drink beer?

um... well what do you mean "don't drink beer?" we also do periodic wine & brunch events which you might be more interested in.