24 - The benefits of laser focus from a CEO, founder & ultra-marathoner Greg Nance

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“Best advice I’ve ever gotten is to write down a list of what you’re afraid of. Then rip the paper in half.”

Greg grew up in Seattle in the US & now is the CEO & founder of Dyad.com.

Dyad pairs mentors & students in an open platform & consulting service.

He is also an ultra, ultra marathoner, currently training for 7 marathons on 7 different continents in 7 days.

As you can imagine he’s quite an energetic & focused guy.

He goes as far as cutting off wifi and doesn’t even have a cell phone number in China as it was almost always a distraction as opposed to something that helped him move forward.

So we spend quite a bit of time discussing his routines, efforts, practices & disciplines in order to push through & challenge himself.

In this episode:
– Using mentors to help people follow more authentic paths for themselves
– Growing up in a small community Seattle
– Running ultra marathons & being in nature as an Entrepreneur
– An early teacher encouraging him that it was cool to be smart
– A later science teacher teaching people how to have fun in a laboratory
– From a history teacher showing that “Surplus” as a defining word for history – if a society can create surplus, it can do amazing things. If not, it eventually goes to zero.
– Joining the advisory board of MakerGirl
– How being distracted by the constituent parts of projects or emails prevents action

Dyad – Mentorship for Admission & Scholarships



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