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6 - Dan Shumow - Security Cryptography - The Beertelligence Podcast

“I like bullshittin… Some might say I’m quite skilled at it.”

Dan Shumow is a Senior Software Development Engineer in the Security and Cryptography group at Microsoft.

One of his more notable accomplishments was when he used a mathematical proof to show how a government-created random number generator could have a built-in backdoor, which was later confirmed after the Snowden leaks came out.

Dan shares many stories in this podcast, including the Snowden story, why Microsoft didn’t want him to share it and how he made the decision to go ahead. And totally different stories like how he wanted to be a ninja when he was a kid, beating up the neighbors trees and getting into trouble and how this connects to him becoming interested in cryptography.

We spend time discussing what it is exactly that a cryptographer does and he shares his views on education, the “internet of things” (aka how the “internet of shit” that makes us less safe) and what a regular person can do to educate & protect themselves about web security.


In this episode:
+ How a love of ninjas led to cryptography
+ How drugs can sometimes help resolve a crisis
+ Being involved in airport protests after the travel ban
+ Some fundamental changes needed in education, relative to tech
+ Why he doesn’t keep his Alexa turned on all the time
+ Early versions of the Kinect recording ‘adult moments’
+ Steps people can take to protect themselves online


Wired story on backdoor

Microsoft page

Some work he did in Crypto got a lot of attention in conjunction with the break of the SHA-1 cryptographic algorithm:

He likes street art and has an instagram for it:

And once he told a story about his favorite tagger (Shitbarf) at the Moth in Seattle:

Books mentioned
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

Rainbow’s End by Vernor Vinge


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5 - Marius Ionita - F&B Photography - The Beertelligence Podcast

“We wrestle bears, that’s what we do in our country.”

Marius is a 20-year veteran of the Shanghai Food & Beverage (F&B) industry having worked in clubs, bars and even opened his own restaurant.

Marius was born in Romania and moved to South London when he was 18, finding work early on in restaurants. From there he moved to China in 1999 and became a part-time DJ for 15+ years.

Now, with 18 years in China under his belt, he’s the CEO of Kollektiv, a group of design & photography freelancers . His company also dabbles in Event Management from time to time.

What is the “jpeg horse”?
As a bit of background, the “jpeg horse” refers to a picture in Brandon’s apartment provided by his landlord that is a picture printed of a horse that is such low quality that you can see the pixels clearly when you are up close. And luckily this is glued to the wall.


In this episode:
+ Differences between Shanghai 1999 & Shanghai 2017
+ Russian jokes in the office
+ Menu & food photography
+ The “Shanghai slide”, how great restaurants quality drops dramatically after 6 months
+ How being crazy helps in the restaurant business
+ Lack of music growing up in communist country
+ How ‘drunk talk’ can lead to good business ideas
+ How in 1999 all the foreigners knew each other & they partied with the Marines
+ Tips for eating street food & avoiding skewers outside nightclubs at all costs
+ Project management, communication & how to manage last-minute client deadlines
+ The importance of full debriefing of clients to ensure smooth projects
+ How entrepreneurs should invest more story, time, energy & soul into their brand
+ A school for F&B owners
+ How music controls flow in restaurants
+ How running a restaurant dominates your life & why so many people quit
+ Staff turnover in China issues
+ Partying & waking up an another town

Mentioned in this episode:
Tai An Table

El Willy F&B group & Tomatito:

Find Marius online


Wechat ID:


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4 - Ben Whitter - HR Employee Experience - The Beertelligence Podcast

“Fuck this podcast, order me McDonalds, I’m on my way to meet with HR.”

Ben Whitter aka Mr Employee Experience™, is CEO/Founder of the World Employee Experience Institute. He started out working in hotel customer service in Spain before transitioning into employee training & development roles.

After working across many sectors in the UK, he landed a large organization in the UK where he then started focusing in specifically on the role that HR plays, or doesn’t play, in organizations. He set out to motivate companies to focus in on the overall employee experience and streamlining the HR parts of the organization to focus on that.

FYI – This episode was recorded early Saturday morning instead of our normal afternoon sessions. Hence how slow & rusty we are starting out.



In this episode:
+ Momo’s hungover podcast idea
+ Spain customer service on a small island
+ How to deal with angry customers
+ How “being seen” is so important for the service business
+ Why isn’t HR a business leader
+ How “people are our greatest asset” are usually full of crap
+ Designing companies from ‘pre-hire to retire’
+ Airbnb stepping up on employee experience
+ Does HR need a re-branding?
+ How Airbnb is doing well with designing the office environment & spaces makes a big difference in trust & belonging
+ Adidas setting up a think tank about the future of work
+ Google setting up an area for staff to create new business & investments from internal funding
+ Use of employee engagement surveys vs continuous feedback loop
+ The importance of trust & transparency
+ Unique changes in the Chinese workplace
+ How staff decided to cut pay instead of firing people, which becomes a trust building exercise
+ Challenges at building company transparency in Chinese companies
+ The other executives who should move into HR / Employee Experience
+ Tesla’s progress on employee experience in China
+ Is Holocracy part of the solution?
+ Is unlimited vacation a good idea?

Mentioned in this episode:
AirBnB Chief Employee Experience Officer

Google’s Area 120 startup incubator

Life at SAS

Netflix’s culture of Freedom & Responsibility:

Employee Experience Seminar in Europe:

Find Ben online –


Personal website:

Company website:


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