18 - How organizing meetups led to Rise Hong Kong, Asia's largest conference with Casey Lau

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“This was all without sponsors, without pay… we went to events, they sucked, so we wanted to make a better one”

Casey Lau is one of the pioneers of the startup scene in Asia and more specifically Hong Kong, which has been his home base since moving there from Vancouver when he was 21 years old.

Although he went to school for graphic design, he now splits his time between Web Summit RISE (conference), Startups HK and Blue Startups in Hawaii and he describes himself simply as a ‘Startup connector’.

Casey built up his reputation in the startup scene through a constant evolution of design & tech, building small business in the early days of the internet before getting heavily involved in starting StartupsHK with 5 friends.

Casey has a very proactive attitude and has made a career and a life from sharing his personal knowledge of running internet based businesses while keeping on top of the latest technology.


In this episode:
+ Casey’s background, and moving to HK (Hong Kong).
+ Using a Mac in Asia 10 years ago vs technology now.
+ The pro’s and cons of the universality of the English Language.
+ When and why Casey started the first web design studio in HK.
+ The Internet culture of helping each other.
+ Why there’s is such a wave of interest in startups now
+ The differences in speed of success in startups between Asia and America
+ The 2nd wave of podcasts, and their connection to the start-up scene.
+ The different ways people are consuming podcasts.
+ Business models for podcasting.
+ How StartupsHK functions (then and now).
+ How Casey became the ‘co-host’ for Web Summit RISE conference.
+ Why Web Summit RISE conference is so special.
+ The value of ’Night Summits’ and pockets of different specific activities.
+ The ways Casey keeps himself creative and inspired.
+ Being a digital nomad today, and the growth of co-working.
+ The importance of ‘just showing up’.
+ Starting meetups and how to keep them going

Web Summit RISE:

RISE podcast

Collision conference (New Orleans):


Blue Startups (Hawaii)

Casey’s favorite podcasts:

Info on the podcast scene

Robotics debate:

Giro Dreams of Sushi – documentary:

Twitter: @casey_lau



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