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Digital. Shanghai. Connect.

We host monthly drinks with small groups of ~15-20 select people working in product, design or technology in Shanghai.

We had a China to Silicon Valley podcast for a little while.

Our next event is Jan 30, 2021.

To get notified about events & attend add us on WeChat.

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Brandon Owens

Brandon Owens


Momo Estrella

Momo Estrella


Featured in Shanghai City Weekend:

Beertelligence: Disrupting Networking (Home & Office Design/Status)

Featured in Creative Humans:

Featured #04: Mauricio ‘Momo’ Estrella

Featured in Enjoy Shanghai:

Networking that DOESN’T suck

Over 500 in our network & growing:

My roommate just got her internship thanks to a Beertelligence contact… Literally changing lives with that group! So great what you are doing.
– J. Masters in Design, August 23, 2017

By the way, I joined Dabo’s startup as a junior front end dev. Feels too surreal at the moment. Looking forward to see you and Brandon at the next Beertelligence meetup, I owe you guys a drink for creating this awesome community.
– A. Front End Developer, March 30, 2017

Hey Mauricio – I never really got the change to thank you and Brandon for that beertelligence session last year. Really enjoyed those beers. I met my current co founder at that gathering that you put together. Since then we’ve been buried by work but things are going well. So thank you buddy!
– G. Entrepreneur, VR. June, 11, 2015

I don’t like to call it “networking”, it’s just like having beers with cool & smart people.
– J. Product Lead, April 07, 2016

Great portfolio’s guys! Thanks for nice evening & pix!
– I. Artist, March 03, 2016

Thank you Mauricio and Brandon for organizing. It’s always successful 🙂 The system works haha.
– M. Consultant, Body Language Trainer. Sep 17, 2015

Pleasure meeting everyone! I’m so impressed by the great hearts of the people here tonight. Wish I could have stayed longer to chat. Next time for sure!
– J. Entrepreneur, SASS. Sep 17, 2015

As usual it was very fun and helpful. Thank you guys.
– J. Designer, Brand. June 18, 2015

From my side also a big thanks for organizing it – was great to meet all – keep in touch.
– V. Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mobile. July 16, 2015

Nice to meet you guys, thank you for hosting the meetup Brandon & Mauricio. Good night to all!
– C. Entrepreneur. April 23, 2015

It was a great night. I enjoyed meeting some great new people.
– W. Jan 22, 2015